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Medical Applications


In medical applications, power failure is not an option, which is why many devices incorporate batteries as either the only source of power or as a backup in case of mains power failure.  Therefore, speaking to a battery manufacturer with extensive experience of serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the medical market can be invaluable.  Both ABLE and our parent company Ultralife Corporation have manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 13485, an internationally recognized standard for quality management in medical products.

Different chemistries for different applications

Our wide range of cells and batteries for medical applications utilize three different chemistries, non-rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) and Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li/SOCl2), plus rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).

LiMnO2 cells are the perfect choice for applications where high currents are required after long periods of inactivity (such as temperature checkers).  Due to their compact size, LiMnO2 Thin Cells® are also well-suited for wearable devices, such as remote patient monitoring.

Li/SOCl2 cells have the highest performance characteristics of all Lithium based battery chemistries (which is why they can be found in life-saving devices such as automated external defibrillators) and a passivation layer that allows for long storage periods with minimal loss in cell capacity.

Both LiMnO2 and Li/SOCl2 cells can be used for asset tracking/radio-frequency identification (RFID).  RFID systems can be powered in two different ways; either the tag itself is battery powered (active) or the tag reader is (passive).  RFID is used by hospitals to locate missing medical equipment and by device manufacturers to prevent against fraudulent warranty claims.

Finally, rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries are ideal as a replacement for sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries in applications such as medical carts.  With lower weight, higher energy, longer life, electronic protection and safety certification, LiFePO4 batteries outperform SLA on almost every measure.

These cells and batteries are manufactured directly by ABLE so, if we do not have an off-the-shelf product to meet your needs, speak to us about a custom solution.

Why choose Ultralife China (ABLE)?

Ø  Choose from a wide range of pre-engineered cells and batteries or request a custom solution

Ø  Worldwide engineering and technical support available (Ultralife has manufacturing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom and China)

Ø  Continuous research and development (keeping at the forefront of battery technology)

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