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Category:Thin Cells®

Product model:CP502537

Product brand:Ultralife


product description

Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) cells offer excellent temperature characteristics, a flat discharge curve, and a hermetically sealed nickel-plated steel container for long term shelf life. The perfect choice for applications where high current is required after long periods of inactivity.


Product superiority

·       As thin as 0.7mm (custom sizes available)

·       Higher running voltage during discharge than coin cells (less power consumption)

·       Twice the capacity of the best performing coin cells at -10°C


Product applications

·       Intelligent security field: smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, home detection and access control system, etc.

·       Electronic tag field: CPU card, wireless Bluetooth potential card, encryption card, intelligent access control system card, etc.

·       GPS: vehicle positioning system.

·       Medical field: intelligent remote control, temperature detector, radio-frequency identification, etc.

·       Internet-of-Things: smart home devices, wearable devices, illumination equipment, etc.

·       Tactical equipment: scopes, laser rangefinders, ballistic computers, etc.


For more information, please refer to the TDS.