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ER34615x2 + Super Capacitor


Model: ER34615x2 + Capacitor

Brand: Ultralife

The ER34615x2 + Super capacitor is a combination structure of lithium subcapacity battery and ultracapacitor, which can meet high capacity and provide large current output.Batteries are widely used in large caliber meters, gateways, outdoor alarms and other intelligent electronic equipment.Ultralife provides a battery pack with great advantages: high capacity, large pulse output, wide operating temperature range, reliable service life.Provide reliable power supply for intelligent IOT sensing devices.

ER34615x2 + Super capacitor features are as follows:

 Broad working temperature: -55 - +85

 Pulse current range: 0.2A-5A pulse range (based on capacitance)

 Very high working voltage: 2.5-3.6V working voltage

 Battery capacity: 38Ah

 High service life: more than 10 years of service life (based on the use of power consumption and environment of customer equipment)


 Large caliber meter

 gateway device

 Outdoor disaster alarm: fire, flood, earthquake and other sensors

 Sensors and detectors in the oil field